I'm on a mission to categorize my favorite instagrammers based on their location.

**Compiled List**

New Jersey
Unknown Location

Instagram Inspiration: @i_like_boring_things 

Location: Oklahoma

I’m a sucker for the same location shot under several different weather conditions, so it’s no surprise that the tree shots of Eric Lyons win me over so quickly. His feed boasts a consistent imagery of 16x9 shots, and every image (even the ones NOT with his tree!) are well composited, and fantastic. 

 Check out his feed where he’s a “small town boy living in a big time world.” 

This is his website here! 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting this project ! My 2014 New Years Resolution is to post more and I will be starting with that today so stay tuned! 

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Instagram Inspiration: @nickdewald

Nick Dewald is an iphoneographer from Cincinnati with over 23 thousand followers! For a window freak like me, his window shots are what pull me in. Perfectly composed, they make me wonder who is behind them… any ideas? 

Check out his tumblr here

Who are some of your favorite instagrammers?

  • If you could choose to write about your favorite instagrammers, who would you choose?

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Instagram Inspiration: @michellenicoloff

If water shots could kill, I think we’d all be dead at the hands of Michelle Nicoloff’s images. With over 11,000 followers, I’m obviously not the only one to agree. Although I am not positive of her location (if anyone does know it, let me know!), I believe she lives somewhere in California. 

Nicoloff has such a way of capturing all the different components that being in the water represents. She catches the sun glistening off the top layer, she catches the mountains and the clouds in the distance, and she takes you up close and personal with the water. A good majority of the time her images make you feel as if you too, are in the water! I love them, I love how she positions her camera, and I love her. I am forever looking forward to the images she’s about to post and I hope you guys do too! 

Check out her tumblr here

Instagram Inspiration: @nicolehunziker

Nicole Hunziker is a Switzerland based explorer with over 23,000 followers!

She’s one of my absolute favorites, and her images never cease to amaze me. I plan to go to Switzerland one day solely because of her images and the way she portrays her homeland. 

Her view of the mountains reminds me that there are such big opportunities in life to look forward to, such as seeing places like this for myself. 

Some of her most used hashtags are #SwitzerlandWonderland and #ilovebluemountainlakes

Check out her Facebook!

Instagram Inspiration: @rodrigo_

Rodrigo happens to be one of my absolute favorite instagrammers. I love the consistency in his coffee shots (that’s how I refer to them). I love the viewpoint in which he takes them from, I love the aspect that sometimes both of his hands are in the frame. He sets a perfect scene and everyone of his pictures just feels so homely, like you’re right there with him sitting comfortably and having a delicious cup of coffee. 

His coffee images are probably my most-talked about series. Simple and memorable, who could beat that? 

Check out his tumblr!

Instagram Inspiration: @dirka 
Dirk Dallas is an instagrammer (over 169k followers!!) based in Southern California. He’s a self-acclaimed “light chaser.educator.christ follower.” 
Dirk blows me away with his composition, intense colors, and use of perfect golden lighting. Each picture he takes/shares makes me want to get out there and do the same, and that in an image is prime!
You can check him on twitter or tumblr! Or even contact him dirkdallas@gmail.com
Instagram Inspiration: @jaredchambers

Jared Chambers is a photographer from Los Angeles, CA.

Jared’s photos encompass this dreamy quality that make it hard to look away. They’re more than photos but even stories, something that makes me imagine what could possibly be going on when the camera isn’t around. He’s compositionally ridiculous and as far as color tones in images go, he’s flawless. 

You can contact him here or check out his tumblr

Instagram Inspiration: @adamjoelsmith

Adam Joel Smith is an iphone-only photographer who focuses on his children. His instagram deems ”an amateur attempt at a rousing round of Picture Pages. I photograph my kids a lot because they’re basically the extent of my friend base. iPhone only.”

I love the dramatics behind the photos of his kids. To me, each one makes such a profound statement of these moments in the kids lives that we might have all once had ourselves. Sitting on the stairs, that one image reminded me so much of being a kid listening to my parents talk at night. I loved Adam’s staircase image and the viewpoint in which he took it so much that it inspired me to take this one! 

Check out this article on him by the Poopsie Collective!